You operate an awesome short-term rental or multiple vacation homes? That is excellent, but quite likely you are not alone. Probably you have competitors left, right and center who also own great listings. So you will want your offering to stand out!

In a previous article we discussed 5 ways to make your vacation rental stand out. Emphasizing safety and security was one of our suggestions to attract potential renters’ attention.

However, easier said than done. How do you let potential guests know that you have done everything in your power to provide a safe and secure stay for them? Also, as soon as guests have checked in, how can you assure them that your place is particularly safe and secure?

There are several avenues you can use to advertise your commitment to safety and security, which are discussed below.

Online Listing

Your online listing(s) might be one way guests come in contact with your offering for the first time. Whether it is on your own website, Airbnb or another listings site, this is a great opportunity to shout about your safety and security commitment. On online booking agents there are usually tick boxes to select that you provide some of these precautionary measures – e.g. carbon monoxide detectors or fire alarms on Airbnb. However, make sure to also mention these in the descriptions such as the section ‘Detailed Description’ on Airbnb. Include everything you have installed for a safer stay (e.g. special locks, smoke alarms, pool gates). Potential guests will be impressed!

Social Media

Safety and security is maybe not the most exciting thing to talk about on social media but it is very important. It can help you get more bookings by highlighting how you are going the extra mile for guests. Also, because other hosts might avoid talking about fire alarms or first aid kits, you can really stand out by showing that you care.

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Pre-stay Email or Message

A couple of days before check-in, most hosts will send a pre-stay email or message specifying check-in instructions and other things helpful to know before arriving at the property. This is another chance to heighten guests’ pre-arrival excitement by mentioning that you have taken special care to ensure utmost guest security and safety. Surely, guests love to hear that they can sleep calmly at night knowing you are a responsible host.

Welcome Book

If you do not meet new arrivals personally, after check-in guests will look for your welcome book or folder for more info about their accommodation. You can use this space to write about your rental’s safety and security features. Also, detail any house rules for guests’ health and safety and instructions for appliances to avoid accidents and liability claims.


You can also let guests know that their safety is on your mind by using discreet signage in your rental. Nothing screams obsessive hosts more than signage on everything in the house. However, for example, a sign explaining safety rules at the pool side can be very helpful. Also, if you have special locks for your vacation home, you could have a unobtrusive sign next to the door showing guests how the lock works and how it provides for better security.

CertiStay Certification

CertiStay provides third-party safety and security certification for short-term rentals, which includes a property audit by trained auditors. Wherever you publicise your certification, being CertiStay certified immediately signals to potential guests that you as a host are committed to guest security, safety and health. At the same time being CertiStay certified, decreases the risk of lawsuits due to guest injury, safety violations, carbon monoxide issues, fires and break-ins. Sounds good? Find out more.


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