How does the CertiStay certification process work?

The audit application process is simple. Certification eligibility is limited to condominiums, apartments, townhouses, single family dwellings and guest houses which are operated as seasonal or short stay/vacation rentals. Follow the simple steps below to get started.


Click on the “Book An Audit” button which can be found on most pages. Fill in the ‘Register with CertiStay’ form and click Register.  If you are already one of our members, you can log in here too.

Purchase your Audit

Once logged in – the same “Book An Audit” button will take you to our simple one page booking form.  Here you can tell us the details of your property, and purchase your audit.

Connect & Schedule

Within hours, a local auditor will be in touch with you to schedule your audit which can take place as quickly as the following day.

On-site Visit

Be ready for your 90 minute audit by ensuring your property is in the same condition it would be in for guests checking in.

What kinds of safety & security elements are inspected?
Fire alarms • Security alarms • First aid • Locking systems • Maintenance • Carbon monoxide detectors

Receive your seal

Once the audit is complete, and all checks are passed, you will receive your Certified Safe Seal. This can be displayed in your property and on-line.

What is CertiStay?

The leader in 3rd party safety & security certification for short term rental properties

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