Today we are looking at operators who are attracting attention on Instagram. A well-thought-out and nicely-curated Instagram account that is getting noticed can bring in actual bookings and revenue. We have discussed this in-depth in a previous blog post – Social Media for Short-term Rentals. But what does a ‘noticeable’ Instagram account look like? Stay tuned for the 6 short-term rental Instagram accounts we are loving right now and what you can learn from them.


With over 145,000 followers, we are certainly are not the only ones who think this Instagram account is excellent. This vacation rental benefits from a great location and unusual tree-house like accommodation. However, going through their feed, you might notice that many stunning shots are reposts of previous guests who have huge followings of their own. Takeaway lesson: If you don’t have the means yourself to create outstanding shots for your Instagram, working with influencers can provide you with great content and exposure.


This Vermont cabin is self-proclaimedly ‘very Vermont’ and its Instagram accounts reflects that well. It gives an insight into what life on the property is like and what activities guests can engage in with the hosts. At the same time, warm-toned interior shots show what comforts await guests.


It is obvious that this stylish Lisbon citypad is travel-themed and the feed’s fun, bright colors immediately draw in your attention. Dário, the Airbnb host, gives the account a real authentic touch by speaking in first person to his audience and sharing his local tips and tricks to enjoy in Portugal’s capital.


The tranquillity of this Japanese get-away comes across perfectly in its feed. We love the minimalist but cozy shots of the property and how the hosts introduce their guests. Takeaway: Pictures of happy guests can be more authentic and powerful than any written review.


Beach vacation rental The Bent Palm operates a well-themed Instagram feed showing the elegant pastel-colored interiors and exteriors of the rental. Consistently mirroring the colors of its surroundings – e.g beaches, bright-blue waters and lightly-painted houses – it immediately brings images of beach holidays and tranquillity to mind. Lesson learned: Use a color scheme for the your Instagram that reflects your offering – e.g. if it is in a beach location, go for light pastel colors or for a mountain cabin warm-coloured and darker shots will work well.


Tiny House Leadville operate 5 tiny house vacation rentals in the highest city of the USA. Their feed is a great mix of 1) interior shots from the tiny houses giving potential guests an intriguing glimpse of what they can expect, 2) interesting local sights and 3) beautiful landscape shots of the surrounding area.


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