<center>Steve Watt</center>

Steve Watt

Safety & Security Committee

About Steve Watt

Steve has over 35 years of policing experience, 23 of which were dedicated to the training and development of police officers locally and internationally.

Steve joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1971, serving in Belfast, Northern Ireland, before emigrating to Canada where he became a member of the West Vancouver Police Department in 1981 and served for 17 years. During that time he was seconded to the BC Police Academy (1989-1992) and taught the Legal Studies program.

In September 1997, Steve was appointed Director, Police Academy, Justice Institute of BC.  As Director, he was responsible for police, law enforcement and private security training and related standards in BC.

Steve was also responsible for taking British Columbia police training international in 1999, starting in Singapore and expanding to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and Indonesia. His international experience also includes Trinidad and Tobago (as Provost, Trinidad and Tobago Police Academy, 2009-2012), Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines and Belize.

Since 2007, Steve has and continues to provide consulting services on policing matters to the Province of British Columbia and Public Safety Canada.

<center>Yvonne Chan</center>

Yvonne Chan

Safety & Security Committee

About Yvonne Chan

Yvonne has over 25 years of insurance industry experience holding the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), Canadian Risk Management (CRM) and Canadian Association of Insurance Brokers (CAIB) designations and is a specialist in modelling proprietary insurance solutions.

She has worked with multiple specialists in creating risk assessment processes to identify risks, created insurance programs to best matched identified risks as well as creating traditional insurance programs for standard risks to protect clients against potential loss. She augmented her hands on knowledge by completing her industry’s professional education programs which is now widely taught at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and Simon Fraser University. The Chartered Insurance Professional designation is recognized worldwide.

She has worked with small local business owners to global Fortune 1000 companies. Yvonne is naturally inquisitive and this personality trait has enable her to learn about many business operations which allows her to be innovative and create insurance programs in addressing clients’ risk exposures and explore risk transfers options.

<center>Rob Clausen</center>

Rob Clausen

Safety & Security Committee

About Rob Clausen

Rob has 33 years of experience as a professional fire fighter and recently retired as the Assistant Chief, Training Division, Township of Langley Fire Department. He has extensive experience in the areas of training, suppression, and fire investigation. Rob has a passion for teaching excellence and continues to inspire students as a Justice Institute of BC instructor; a position he has held for more than 20 years. His well-deserved reputation as a Subject Matter Expert covers a number of areas but his true passion continues to focus on Fire Service Instructor I and II courses where he has taught these programs throughout the country. In addition, Rob has taught and evaluated in the areas fire cause and determination, fire inspection, fire suppression, emergency incident scene management and risk management.

Rob is a graduate of the JIBC Fire Service Leadership Diploma program, is certified to Fire Officer IV and holds the Chief Fire Officer professional designation. He is currently First Vice President of the BC Fire Training Officers Association.

Rob operates his own consulting firm specializing in training, program development, risk management and leadership. His clients include the Justice Institute of BC, the British Columbia Fire Training Officers Association, and a number of municipal fire departments.